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SCH offers holiday properties in Salento inspired by the local architecture in fantastic locations and at prices that are available to a range of clients.

We offer epochal apartments and holiday homes refined for the needs of our clients who are looking for quality properties that have been lovingly restored or newly built using the authentic techniques and building materials that makes the architecture in Salento so special.

When selecting a property to develop, SCH seeks unique buildings full of quirks and Salentine peculiarities for you to fall in love with, such as traditional vaulted ceilings reminiscent of ecclesiastical architecture, typical chimneys and fireplaces, semi-basements, terraced roofs paved in terra cotta and stone paved internal courtyards.

In SCH properties, even before we begin our restorations, you feel and breathe the atmosphere of a holiday home, of the countryside, of the sea and of Salento.
Customers with more refined tastes are generally unsatisfied with what’s available on the current market. Our mission is to fill this void.

SCH restores properties respecting the artistic value of the architecture, employing both the methods and materials typical of the Salento region, produced by local artisans using original tools and techniques.

The buildings are also fitted with new, modern and efficient appliances and air conditioning.

In addition to our apartments and villas, SCH also handles restoration projects of stables, farm buildings and ‘lamie’ and ‘trulli’; traditional stone houses unique to Southern Italy and icons of surviving heritage in the area.

The prices of SCH properties in Salento range from €70,000 to €300,000 or more.