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Salento, GAGLIANO DEL CAPO (Lecce), via Montegrappa 25, on sale, small antique indipendent house, sea view. Professionally restored. Located in the old hystorical center of the village (ref. 003). SOLD - Gagliano del Capo

Description: In Salento in Gagliano del Capo village (Lecce province, Puglia region) on sale a small indipendent and antique house in Montegrappa street no.25-27. The house is located in a very charming and typical environment in the hystorical center of the village. The house has been totally and professionally restored keeping untouched the charme, the original architecture and the mood of the old Salento. The house consists of a wide room with roomy bathroom. An other room is located at the higher floor and a panoramic terrace at last floor. A portion of the terrace is covered with a pergola and equipped to receive an open-air sitting room. An other part of the terrace is a simple open terrace. From the house you can enjoy a beautifull view over the sea, over the countryside, over the vegetable gardens of bordering neighbours, over the antique village center. Various typiacal and antique architectural elements are present such as old star-ceilings and fire-place. The house it totally made of stones of Lecce. Comm. sq.m 63 circa. Gagliano del Capo village in very near to the sea and to the beaches of Adriatic and Jonian seas. Energetic Class (Rank): we still did not make the technical survey to obtain the Energetic Certification so we are obliged to declare the Class G. The actual class will be known after the execution of the survey by a specialized authorized technician.







Location: Gagliano del Capo

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Property information

View: View on the sea, on the antique village, on the vegetable gardens and on the countryside.
Architectural features: Three floors. Ground floor: ample living-room, (and/or bed-rooom) with a wall equipped to receive a kitchen. Antique ceiling with star-shaped vault. Bath-room. First floor: bed-room (or living-rooom). Upper floor: scenic view terrace with part covered with pergola, equipped with electric plugs and water point.
Total commercial sq.m : 63
Type: Old homes and buildings
Price: 94500 €



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