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Salento, MURO LECCESE (Lecce), via Vittorio Veneto 79-81, nel centro storico, fabbricato antico cielo/terra, indipendente in fase di ristrutturazione, giardino, vista panoramica. SOLD (ref. 005) - Muro Leccese

Description: antique indipendent building located in the old and typical center of the village. The restauration is carried-on with full respect of the original architecture of Salento. Materials used are original building materials which bring the house back to the original charme of the genuine Salento. The structure is entirely made of stone from Lecce. The house is rich of typical architectural patterns such as antique fire-places, stone flooring, roof-terrace with original flooring and vaulted ceiling star shaped (star-ceiling). The village is in the up-country of the south Salento at few km from the sea, at approx 10 km from Lecce, a beautifull baroque town. The antique center of Muro L. is rich of antique places, charming baroque churches, squares and very peculiar narrow streets. Golf club at 10 km approx. Energetic Class (Rank): we still did not make the technical survey to obtain the Energetic Certification so we are obliged to declare the Class G. The actual class will be known after the execution of the survey by a specialized authorized technician.







Location: Muro Leccese

Muro LecceseMuro LecceseMuro LecceseMuro LecceseMuro LecceseMuro LecceseMuro Leccese


Phone +39 335 268339

Property information

View: On the village
Architectural features: ground floor: entrance, living room, bath room. kitchen, fire-place and court-small garden outside; loft usable as a bed-room or a study or a dining-room: Basement with big bed-room, second bath-room. Upper floor: roof-terrace with pergola and panoramic view on the center of the village.
Total commercial sq.m : 113
Type: Old homes and buildings
Price: 190.000 €



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